Online Dharma Study Group

We now have a web based format for group discussion!
Why You May Ask?
The purpose of this group is to strengthen our practice through the study of Buddhist teachings on mindfulness and sharing our experience of the practice of these teachings in our daily lives. 
Why Web Based Discussion?
The book study group has proven to be a useful tool for strengthening practice because of the opportunity to share experience and insight, but it is not possible for everyone to attend because of schedule conflicts.  This is an attempt to give people with difficult schedules a way to supplement the growth we receive from Sangha activities such as Wednesday night and Tuesday morning meditations, Mindfulness Morning, and retreats.
How Can I Become Involved?
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Notifications of study topics will be sent out through the forum                                              notifications and our e-news emails as well as discussion based on themes                            or chapters of Book Group selection.

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