Minutes of the Practice Council

The Beginners Mind Board and the Practice Council typically meet and conduct business the first Wednesday of the month at 5:15 pm prior to weekly practice. 

Currently, the Practice Council consists of Chris Lammer, Michelle Tae, Berta Tavlin, Keith Williams and Cynthia Brownsmith. Guests are welcome to attend meetings.

The Board conducts the financial and legal business of the Sangha; the Practice Council oversees the spiritual life of the Sangha and supports the mindfulness practice of members.  For guidance, the Practice Council looks to the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh and to Dharma teachers in the Plum Village tradition. 

When making substantive changes to established practices, the Practice Council consults with and receives input from the larger Sangha. The BMS Practice Council is responsible for the nomination of the Board of Directors and the formation of committees. 

Minutes of the joint meetings are provided below.