Earth Holder Sangha

We Are Not Separate from the Earth

“We think that the earth is the earth and we are something outside of the earth. But in fact, we are inside of the earth. Imagine that the earth is the tree and we are a leaf. The earth is not the environment, something outside of us that we need to care for. The earth is us. Just as your parents, ancestors, and teachers are inside you, the earth is in you. Taking care of the earth, we take care of ourselves.” Thich Nhat Hanh


Thay further calls us to awaken to the endangerment of the Earth in Moving Beyond the Idea of Environment in this interview with Jo Confino, executive editor of The Guardian.

Earth Holder Sangha

Rooted in the Plum Village Tradition, practitioners around the world are  building a community of care for this precious planet we inhabit.

The Earth Holder Sangha applies mindfulness and the guidance of the Five and Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings to help ourselves, other individuals and Sanghas to care for our Earth and all beings, to preserve our precious planet by not contributing to global climate change and environmental destruction, to promote sustainability, and to address societal impacts locally, nationally and internationally.

Specifically, Earth Holder Sangha is

  • Building a community of Plum Village Earth Holders
  • Engaging in Mindful Right Action
  • Nurturing sustainable communities of interbeing—monasteries, lay practice centers and local Sanghas


Learn more about Earth Holders, incorporate Earth-holding in your practice and act in meaningful ways with others who care for our planet.