Supporting Our Sangha
Practicing Generosity


Dana, the practice of generosity, arises naturally from a deep desire to see the Dharma flourish in our own lives and in the lives of others and in the world. This is why a Dana bowl is available at all our gatherings, that we may support your practice of Dana. As the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha begin to make a home in our hearts, we quite naturally want to share ourselves with our community of practice.  This sharing comes in many forms -- we show up early to help set up the Sangha space, we volunteer to host a day of mindfulness at our home, we give the Sangha money to help support the continued presence of our community in the world.  Since the first Dharma talk was given by Shakyamuni Buddha, hearts have been touched and generosity of spirit has blossomed.  

We invite you to give generously to Beginners Mind Sangha. As stewards of Beginners Mind Sangha, members of the Practice Council contribute their time and energy to make decisions that bring strength, vitality and skill to our Sangha.  We heartily appreciate your generous contributions.

Contributions to support Sangha
can be made in two ways:

1-By bringing your donation to Sangha gatherings for the Dana bowl


2-click the "Contribute Online" button below for online donations

please keep in mind that we pay a fee for this service, so you can add you
own shipping cost of 2 dollars to help offset this convenience.

The payee is
Beginners Mind Sangha
P.O. Box 7311
Boise Idaho 83707

For further information, please contact our Treasurer